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MainStreet is WKU PBS's Emmy Award Winning local cultural magazine program spotlighting culture, arts, and interesting people, places, and things from all around the commonwealth of Kentucky.


Outlook goes beyond the thirty-second sound bite to give a story the time it deserves. Hosted by Emmy Award winner Barbara Deeb, Outlook offers compelling and informative insight into issues that affect us all.

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Latest News from WKU Public Radio

Bevin Administration Implements New Dress Code for Executive Branch

Workers with Kentucky’s largest employer are being told to dress a little more appropriately. A new dress code for...

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan Accepts U of L Brandeis Medal

United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was in Louisville Monday to accept the Brandies Medal, awarded by...

Kentucky Agriculture Expanding to Schools, Supermarkets

October is Farm to School Month in Kentucky and the state agriculture department is hoping to expand the number of...

Toxic Legacy: “Teflon” Chemical Sticks Around In Water Supplies

For more than half a century along the Ohio River, the chemical company DuPont provided jobs for thousands of people....

Former Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning Suffers Stroke

The family of former U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning says he suffered a stroke last week but is out of intensive care. Bunning was stricken Tuesday at his home in Southgate...