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MainStreet is WKU PBS's Emmy Award Winning local cultural magazine program spotlighting culture, arts, and interesting people, places, and things from all around the commonwealth of Kentucky.


Outlook goes beyond the thirty-second sound bite to give a story the time it deserves. Hosted by Emmy Award winner Barbara Deeb, Outlook offers compelling and informative insight into issues that affect us all.

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Daviess County Expects Record Voter Turnout for National, State and Local Races

Daviess County is expecting a record turnout on Election Day that could go as high as 70 percent of registered...

Bowling Green Businesswoman Barbara Stewart Passes Away at 94

Barbara Stewart died at her home Thursday. The long-time owner of downtown Bowling Green fixture Barbara Stewart...

Gray, Paul Argue Over Coal Pensions Ahead of First Debate

With their only face-to-face debate and Election Day both coming up, Kentucky’s U.S. Senate candidates were at the...

Southern Indiana Community Coping With Major Spike in Heroin Deaths

A southern Indiana community is experiencing a large jump in the number of fatal heroin overdoses. Vanderburgh...

Kentucky Chief Justice Asks Lawmakers To Redraw Judicial Boundaries

The chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court will ask lawmakers during the upcoming legislative session to redraw...