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MainStreet is WKU PBS's Emmy Award Winning local cultural magazine program spotlighting culture, arts, and interesting people, places, and things from all around the commonwealth of Kentucky.


Outlook goes beyond the thirty-second sound bite to give a story the time it deserves. Hosted by Emmy Award winner Barbara Deeb, Outlook offers compelling and informative insight into issues that affect us all.

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Latest News from WKU Public Radio

Youth Smoking Rates Declining in Kentucky

State health officials are pointing to more progress in efforts to reduce Kentucky's youth smoking rate. The state...

Barren County, Three Butler County Towns Vote to Go Wet

Voters in Barren County and three Butler County have voted to allow alcohol sales. In Barren County, 4,651 people to...

Beshear Calls on Bevin to Release Funds to Kentucky Universities

Kentucky’s Attorney General is accusing Governor Matt Bevin of “dragging his feet” on returning millions of dollars...

Owensboro Synagogue Welcomes Non-Jews for High Holidays and Friday Studies

A synagogue in Owensboro, Kentucky is preparing to hold services for the High Holy Days that begin at sundown on Oct....

Who Got What They Wanted From The First Clinton-Trump Debate?

You could see the contrast in the eyes of the respective candidates' spokespersons, surrogates and family members...