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Outlook goes beyond the thirty-second sound bite to give a story the time it deserves. Hosted by Emmy Award winner Barbara Deeb, Outlook offers compelling and informative insight into issues that affect us all.

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Illegally Made Fentanyl Seems To Be Fueling A Spike In Overdoses

Federal data suggest illegally manufactured fentanyl, a drug that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine, is...

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Some students in Daviess County Public Schools are taking part in a first-year program aimed at helping those who...

Kentucky Supreme Court Decision Keeps Lexington Abortion Clinic Closed

An abortion clinic in Lexington will remain closed after the Kentucky Supreme Court denied an appeal from the...

Gray: Kentucky Farm Bureau Should ‘Adapt To The Times’ On Gay Marriage

Lexington Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gray says the Kentucky Farm Bureau should change its policies that...

'Saving Lives' Or 'Selling Access'? Explaining The Clinton Foundation

As Donald Trump has focused the messaging of his presidential campaign in recent weeks, he's centered on one key...