Underwriting WKU PBS

Underwriting makes the programs possible on WKU Public Broadcasting!

Contact us and we will work with you to create a customized underwriting package that meets your needs and budget.  There are many benefits for underwriting WKU Public Broadcasting.  Together we will create a partnership and underwriting schedule that best fits your needs.

For more information contact:


         Laura Holderfield
Corporate Support Coordinator

(Toll-Free) 1-800-599-WKYU (9598)



1. Target the markets you want to reach. The diversity of entertainment, news, music, and informational programming allows your message to reach targeted audiences throughout the day while maximizing your exposure and prominence in the community.

2. Increase the visibility of your company. Underwriting provides you a high profile among a loyal and highly desirable audience.

3. Strengthen your corporate image. Show your association with and support WKU Public Broadcasting’s commitment to community, education, and public service. National studies have shown that audiences build a more positive image of a company that underwrites on public television.

4. Smart, affordable, and effective use of your marketing and public relations dollars.

5. Create long-term positioning and awareness.

6. Enhance employee pride. Show your employees your sense of commitment to the community. They’ll feel good about working for a company that supports their community.

7. Complement existing campaigns. Reinforce your overall marketing strategies. Include WKU Public Broadcasting in your media mix.

8. Viewers appreciate the “non-commercial” language of acknowledgements in an uncluttered environment. They are well aware that you are supporting their favorite programs. The audience participates more intently than advertising on most commercial outlets.

9. Show your support for diverse programming. WKU PBS has been broadcasting for the community since 1989, with something for everyone.

10. Tax Benefits. By underwriting on WKU Public Broadcasting, your announcements are tax deductible as a charitable donation to WKU. Or, you may write off underwriting expenses as advertising on your business taxes. Consult your tax professional for more information.